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Book Apps vs. eBooks

What are ebooks and app books? It can be confusing. Distinguishing between the two can seem frustrating at first. I'd like to explain from my own experience how I define between the two.

What Do They Have In Common?

Firstly, they do have a few things in common: both contain stories and images, they are available digitally on hand held devices and computers, etc.

What Is The Difference?

A short and simple explanation: I would say it is in the level of experience. The level of interactivity (multi-touch vs. reading and static images only).


An ebook is a digital version of a printed book. You have the text and/or images. You can highlight, bookmark and turn the page. Some ebooks are designed so that it can read to you or you can record your own voice. But that is pretty much the extent of the experience.

Book Apps

Book apps, on the other hand, do all the above as an ebook but also allow the reader to experience interactivity that is beyond just reading or being read to. The key word…

Author/Illustrator Website Design Process

When it comes to creating a platform and setting up my social media, I feel it's been well overdue. In my spare time, I want to write so I am a little behind on getting my websites up. What is social media without a website? There seems to be a lot of places to connect and network and I want to allow my audience a place where they can learn about all the information I can make available. So, I'm setting out to design my site finally.

Initially, I am self-taught with Dreamweaver. I have basic knowledge of coding. With two months of studying Dreamweaver back in 2004, I managed to gain some skills and enough know how to begin using the software and found it useful to just create my layout in Photoshop and import to Dreamweaver and make further modifications there. So I am no expert coder. I'm right brained, too much coding makes my head spin. I just want to do the designing.

First, I make a sketch of the layout I desire as a foundation of what I want to create and I do this for…

App Book: The Mighty League, Vol. 1

Being an advocate for autism is something I take quite seriously as I am a parent of a child who is on the autism spectrum and I understand the struggles that they face regularly on a day to day basis.

The storybook app, The Mighty League, is wonderfully illustrated in a comic book style and the story is nicely written, flowing from one scene to the next. My son and I enjoyed this app as it gives insight from the perspective of a child with autism. The sounds that they encounter that are disturbing if not distracting, their tendency to specialize in a specified interest with large amounts of information on the subject they tend to study the most. These are some of the aspects that children on the autism spectrum face.

I believe in raising awareness about autism and I am happy to share news of the storybook app serie, which was recently released. It is based on Jonathan Murphy's perspective, who grew up with Aspergers.

I feel this is a great story that children with autism can relat…