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Book Review - Super Speed Sam

Super Speed Sam: Hide and Panic Stations by Monty J. McClaine

For ages 8 - 12

This story takes the reader along a playful hide-and-seek game between child and dog to what innocently develops into a situation that is relatable. It was interesting to see how each character reacted and dealt with the situation. I like how Sam had his own super abilities and he utilized them in his search. However, I felt bad for Sam since after all his effort and being spot on, he just barely missed crossing paths and he thought he had failed. But the search continued toward a happy ending. It was an enjoyable read and I think it gave an example of how anyone could approach a similar situation with logic thinking rather than panic, as much as possible, taking action in steps before resorting to a last resort.

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Book Review - Oscar and Marla: Illustrated

Oscar and Marla: Illustrated by Carole St-Laurent

For Ages 6 - 10
I read this story to my daughter and she really enjoyed it. I liked how it introduces the reader to "second chance" animals. Then particularly centers focus on one of the animals among those who may have needed a second chance the most. I love how the author included humor as well and the honesty within the story. I also liked the positivity from Marla, the friendship that is developed between the two main characters, and the way the story turned out in the end. A meaningful and enjoyable story to be read!

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To learn more about Carole St-Laurent or to check out her other books, you can visit her online at her Amazon's Author page.

Book Review of The Night Creepers

The Night Creepers by James Tingle

For Ages 9 - 12

I thought that this story was interesting. When several kids attempted to venture out after dark, purely out of boredom, they discover a place that really shouldn't even be there. I wasn't sure exactly where the story was going to head. In the end, I felt the story was left at a point where it leaves the ending to reader's imagination, as far as why their secret place had vanished completely. Interesting concept. I could see this story continuing on in a series to solve some kind of mystery. Will there be a book 2?
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To learn more about James Tingle or to check out his other books, you can visit him online at his Amazon's Author page!