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The Way of the Writer: Finding Your Zen

As a writer, I know all too well experiencing the stress and worries along the path of the writer's journey. There are times that I wish I could find a shortcut or fast forward to the bits of life where I really want to be in my writing career. Yet, there is a deep knowing that, it is during the process -  in the moment of this journey that I also enjoy and end up reminding myself to just slow down and take it day by day. It is not a race. There is no deadline that I need to beat. What I really need to beat are all the invading thoughts that are not worth my time during this journey.

I step back and question my motives for writing. Why do I write? Why do I put so much of my time and effort with hardly there being much reward or much to show. I have spent nearly five years of just studying the craft of writing. Taking numerous of courses, workshops, seminars, and collected many writing references along the way, I mean, it has pretty much been my personal obsession of obtaining all t…

A New Children's Writing Course: The Pleasures and Craft of Poetic Techniques

I have taken several writing courses through the Children’s Book Academy and have absolutely loved and enjoyed the materials, meeting other writers and illustrators, and learning a great deal on improving my writing as well as my understanding of the craft and the publishing industry.

Dr. Mira Reisberg, the founder of CBA and literary agent, is running a new course, “The Pleasures and Craft of Poetic Techniques. She is giving special discounts up till May 5th.

If you have a love for writing and especially desire to refine, improve and learn more about Poetic Techniques, this is the course to take. In fact, probably the only online course out there regarding this specific area.

I urge you to at least stop by this link and read all what is offered and if it fits your goals of a writer, sign up! And while you are there, check out any of her other courses!
Children's Book Academy