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6th Annual PiBoIdMo Nov 2014

6th Annual PiBoIdMo November 2014
I am very excited to be participating in this year's, Tara Lazar's, PiBoIdMo! Each year, I had caught it just too late. This time, I made sure to set the date on my Calendar. 

PiBoIdMo, Picture Book Idea Month, is pretty much what it says. A month where writers get together for a 30-day challenge to create 30 picture book concepts in 30 days! Along the way, we get to enjoy daily blog posts by picture book professionals and enter for prizes. To learn more about the challenge, visit here.

If you are a writer or illustrator or both, and love to write and learn about writing picture books, this is a great online opportunity to challenge yourself.

Registration is open from Oct. 25th - Nov. 7th.  Just visit Tara's website to register.

New release fantasy book, The Accidental Apprentice, by Anika Arrington and Interview + Giveaway

Interview Q/A with Anika Arrington
Tell us a little about yourself and your background? I moved to Arizona when I was 4, and I’ve been here ever since. I’m married to the best guy ever! I just gave birth to my sixth child, and he is just scrumptious. I’m a huge believer in self-education and life long learning, so I read all kinds of non-fiction as well as fiction. I studied at Northern Arizona University for three years: political science, communications, and creative writing. Obviously only one of those really stuck.  Give us an insight into your main character. What does he/she do that is so special? That’s actually kind of a tricky question. Not because Rezdin isn’t special (he’s a wizard for crying out loud), but because he isn’t riveting in the way so many main characters are these days. He’s dry and witty, he’s naturally an introvert in a world where the extroverts get the praise and the glory (nothing we writer’s can relate to, right?), and in the end he’s just a good guy who lost…

International Talk Like A Pirate Day & Teapot Tales Release

Ahoy! thar!

Do you know what today is? Besides that it be September 19th? It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

And do I have some fun news t' share. There be a collection o' short stories was released recently as an anthology:

Teapot Whales! No. That don't sound starboard. Teapot Scales? Oh me no. Wait I have it...silly me. It is Teapot Tales!
And it be all about pirates, mermaids and sea monsters from t' wide blue. Have you heard o' it? You should because it has magic, wonder and adventure. Everyone enjoys some bit o' adventure don’t you think? We could always use some magic too.

Teapot Tales: Pirates, Mermaids and Monsters of the Sea Book Trailer

Teapot Tales Volume 2 was recently published byMelusine Muse Press.  The book, edited by the awesome editor, Rebecca Fyfe, is an anthology of short stories and poetry collected from members of the Chapter Book Challenge. Tales of pirates, mermaids and sea monsters. My short story, Escape at Hellion's Sea, is among the list.
Check out the new book trailer!

The book is available on for kindle and paperback!

To buy in the US: 

To buy in the UK:

To buy in the AU: Kindle

The Way of the Writer: Finding Your Zen

As a writer, I know all too well experiencing the stress and worries along the path of the writer's journey. There are times that I wish I could find a shortcut or fast forward to the bits of life where I really want to be in my writing career. Yet, there is a deep knowing that, it is during the process -  in the moment of this journey that I also enjoy and end up reminding myself to just slow down and take it day by day. It is not a race. There is no deadline that I need to beat. What I really need to beat are all the invading thoughts that are not worth my time during this journey.

I step back and question my motives for writing. Why do I write? Why do I put so much of my time and effort with hardly there being much reward or much to show. I have spent nearly five years of just studying the craft of writing. Taking numerous of courses, workshops, seminars, and collected many writing references along the way, I mean, it has pretty much been my personal obsession of obtaining all t…

A New Children's Writing Course: The Pleasures and Craft of Poetic Techniques

I have taken several writing courses through the Children’s Book Academy and have absolutely loved and enjoyed the materials, meeting other writers and illustrators, and learning a great deal on improving my writing as well as my understanding of the craft and the publishing industry.

Dr. Mira Reisberg, the founder of CBA and literary agent, is running a new course, “The Pleasures and Craft of Poetic Techniques. She is giving special discounts up till May 5th.

If you have a love for writing and especially desire to refine, improve and learn more about Poetic Techniques, this is the course to take. In fact, probably the only online course out there regarding this specific area.

I urge you to at least stop by this link and read all what is offered and if it fits your goals of a writer, sign up! And while you are there, check out any of her other courses!
Children's Book Academy


I was doing some music searching while working on my novel and came across a new music system called reactable. I'm completely intrigued by it because of it's interactivity.

It is an electronic musical instrument where you can explore music  in an engaging way. My first thought, seems almost like playing a video game except, there's so much more going on where you interact with various objects to create the different sounds.

I can see this expanding on so many other levels like, for children playing music and especially children with special needs. Maybe some kind of educational interactive table could incorporate learning in such a hands on way that is also visual using 3D objects instead of being limited to a 2D screen.

Mad Bunnies

Since it is Easter, I wanted to share what one of the creatures are like in Fablelands:

The Mad Bunnies
I have drawn a quick sketch, please see below:

Ok, these are not your regular, cute bwaunies. They are adorable at first. You wouldn't want to pet them. They do bite. Their eyes glow red and they make a really strange vibrating sound when they are pissed off. I swear it almost sounds like they are laughing. They have white fur that shimmer in the moonlight.

They live at the bases of trees where they like to dig holes beneath. I believe they enjoy eating poison mushrooms. That would explain why they are a bit on the mad side. Their bites are known to be leathal because of the poison lingering in their mouths. If a person is infected by one of these suckers, the reaction of such a bite result with something kind of like rabies in your dimension.

So, that it's for today.

Btw...Happy Easter!


Visit back again for updates.

Free webinar on Twitter for Children's Book writers and illustrators!

There’s a free webinar that will be starting at 6pm Pacific time. I urge all children’s book writers and illustrators who want to learn how to utilize twitter to build your platform as well as keep current with the industry, head on over to this link:

Register Here!

And register for your spot while there is still time! See you there! ;)

Crimson Book Cover

Novel Music Soundtrack can be found at the very top of my blog as a music player or at this link.

Camp NaNoWriMo 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo 2014

I am participating in NaNoWriMo for the first time for April, 2014. I think this is a great experience to be part of a group of other writers who participate from all around the world. There is a section which is our camp where we can update our progress and encourage each other along the way. I'm really loving this. I wish I had done this sooner!

Crimson Critique Submission

I submitted the first page of my novel, Crimson, for a critique through Children's Book Hub earlier in the week. Will hear back by next week. Curious about the feedback. I really enjoy writing stories and feel passionate about it. Look forward to each step of this process and growing as a writer!

Excerpt from Crimson: Fablelands series by Julia Lela Stilchen

Excerpt from Crimson: Fablelands series by Julia Lela Stilchen

Rumors about the shifters roaming at night, deep in the dark forest of Grimwood, were spreading like wildfire. When they gather in groups, their eyes ignite like blazing red spheres lurking out from the shadows. No one knows what the shifters do in their gatherings but many believe they are in search for a new victim. Children, like Hansel and Gretel, have mysteriously turned up missing.
Something strange was happening in Northhaven and everyone was becoming paranoid. Red’s parents, in particular, began to barricade all the windows and doors. Her father purchased special candles, made from dragon whale wax, lighting them all around the cottage. He believed it would help mask their scent to prevent the shifters from tracking them.
Recently, their daughter, Red had begun to sleepwalk. At first, they hoped it was a temporary phase and that everything would just go back to normal. Then, they found her wandering throughout the v…


Currently working on a book called, Crimson, a retold fairy tale of Red Riding Hood.

Progress status: